Why ?

Why STAR-VAC is Your Best Investment !


Increases the resale value of your home and it’s an excellent selling feature. It is the last vacuum you will ever need to buy.


Creates a healthier home environment. Removes all allergy causing agents; pollens, dust mites, bacteria from your living area.


Just plug the lightweight crushproof hose in to any strategically located inlet point, for instant suction power. No more lugging heavy canisters up and down the stairs, bumping into furniture and damaging walls.


The dual filtration: Cyclonic and the Unique STAR-VAC Permanent Self-Cleaning HEPA Filter System; NON STICK filter surface designed to reduce maintenance to protect and provide longer motor life, by eliminating dirt build up on the filter.
The special STAR-VAC’s Permanent self-cleaning filter will not promote fungus, mildew or bacterial growth, as well as protects the motor therefore no external venting required, unless requested.


All solid tin-plated steel construction. Tough baked on ripple finish powder coating with neutral colours to blend in with any decor. (No caulking used to seal vacuum chamber)
Motor enclosure covered with STAR-VAC’s Unique shroud designed for 360 degree radiant motor heat dissipation to extend motor’s life.
Motor securely bolted to the body, locked in to a permanent position (no cheap springs used to hold it in position).
Large dirt receptacle. Needs to be emptied only few times a year..


Latest design, quality motors are used for less power watt consumption but maximum suction power output.
All motors used are permanently sealed double ball bearing, solid cast aluminum body and vacuum impeller, metal chamber for better heat dissipation provides motor longevity.
Solid state circuit board designed with emission filtration and circuit breaker, for reliable and safe operation.


Two to Four times more powerful than most outdated lug around vacuum “sweepers”. Providing deep down suction power and increases the life of your carpet.


Filtration and ventilation can be modified to suit any application to your requirement. Can be fitted with a permanent filter complemented with a replacement bag type filter, to provide extra filtration.