Asthma Benefits And Allergy Sufferers

Development of asthma and allergies in infants and adults alike can be avoided by minimising exposure to allergens by a better home environmental control:

  • Remove animals from the house, remove dust collectors, keep toys and books in a closed cabinet, prohibit smoking in house.
  • Keep your home dust free.
  • The air you breathe inside the home may be more hazardous than the air outside.
  • Did you know that over 2 million Australians suffer from Asthma and over 400 Australians die from Asthma each year?

Dust, pollen, pet hair and other allergens all wreak havoc with those suffering from allergies and asthma.

Leading doctors and allergy specialists a like recommend a Built-in Ducted Central Vacuum Cleaning System. A central ducted vacuum system allows for easy dust removal. The dust does not recirculate back into the room whilst vacuuming which can happen when using conventional vacuum cleaners.

The environmentally friendly, pollution free STAR-VAC Ducted Central Vacuum Cleaning System removes allergy causing microscopic particles, such as bacteria, dust mites, pollens, fungus & mildew spores from your living area, into the remotely located Central Collection Unit, that only needs to be emptied a few times a year. The central ducted vacuum system utilises an external dust collection point that requires only infrequent emptying and eliminates re-circulation of allergens into the home. Your home environment will be significantly cleaner and healthier.

Tips for a vacuuming and cleaning

Regularly vacuuming floors, rugs, upholstered furniture and mattresses when your child is out of the house can help drastically reduce dust exposures. When vacuuming carpet and other surfaces, try to go slowly. Many people vacuum too fast to remove dirt and allergens that are embedded deep in carpet fibres. Don’t forget to launder curtains, bed covers and soft toys too. Vacuum the mattress and any upholstered furniture weekly. Expose floor rugs to sunlight after vacuuming.


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